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Who we are

Deliblato Sands

Deliblato Sands (or in Serbian Делиблатска пешчара/Deliblatska peščara) is a large sand covered area of about 300km². It is located in southern Banat, situated between the river Danube and the southwestern slopes of the Carpathian mountains. The sands are named after the village of Deliblato, in the municipality of Kovin. There is popular belief that the sand is actually the remains of the Pannonia sea from prehistoric time, but it is actually made by the creative power of the wind that brought the sand from the nearby river shores, mainly the Danube. The ambiance we see today is the visionary idea of the Austro-Hungarian empress and her team of forest engineers to tame the sand by planting vegetation. The process started 200 years ago and it is still happening.

We are a small family business  established in 2016, still growing and developing. The idea of active vacation in the nature originated from my grandfather Kontantin Martinović. He was the first to enjoy spending time here during weekends, endolging in fishing. 
His love for natures has been transfered to us, his children and grandchildren, and the idea of Martin house and eco tours was born. 
We want to share this unique experience with people who apprechiate nature and waant to enjoy it as well as protect it.
We believe that success can only be achieved in team work, sustainable development,  giving back to communi​ty and promoting local resources.


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